A powerful Swedish vocal quartet

TETRA are four female vocalists from Gothenburg, Sweden with a common desire to share songs with each other. We are all experienced in performing songs from a wide range of folk music traditions.

In our music, you will encounter the ornamental vocal styles of Arabic and Greek music, Caribbean pulses, and Scandinavian groove. We perform our own arrangements, based on rhythmic vocal accompaniment, diversity of vocal range, and percussion.

Join us in the magical, musical world of Tetra, where beautiful instruments and songs in languages from north, south, east and west meet.


"The very best listening of all, although it doesn’t happen very often, is when your chin drops and you absorb the sound through your mouth as well as your ears. That’s what happens, spontaneously, when the TETRA vocal ensemble take the stage, sort of sauntering into song and allowing it to form as they go along."

Kicki Eldh, journalist, Bohuslänningen