Through The Fire

"Genom Elden" is a music performance with TETRA, for children of ages 5 through 10, based on the story "Flickan som bakade" ("The girl that baked"). Down below you find a video trailer with samples from the performance.


TETRA give concerts in many different varieties and are happy to customise one for your particular event, such as opening ceremonies, parties, festivals, conferences, anniversaries, weddings, lullabies, fanfares, etc.

The kurdish song "Lejle" performed by TETRA 2010.


TETRA has a lot of experience in giving workshops for singers and choirs, as well as training for music and dance teachers, with our wide repertoire as a starting point.

Stjärnstoft & sprängkraft - During 2013 TETRA had a collaboration with the youth choir "Arctic light" from Norrbotten in the North of Sweden.